LESSON 1 Facts I Know

Multiplication Facts and Triangle Flash Cards

With a partner, use the directions below and your Triangle Flash Cards: 5s and 10s to practice the multiplication facts.

  • One partner covers the shaded number, the largest number on the card. This number will be the answer to the multiplication problem. It is called the product.
  • The second person multiplies the two uncovered numbers (one in a circle, one in a square). These are the two factors. It does not matter which of the factors is said first. 4 5 and 5 4 both equal 20.
    4 5 = 0 and 5 4 = 0 are called turn-around facts.
  • Separate the facts into three piles: Facts I Know Quickly, Facts I Can Figure Out, and Facts I Need to Learn.
  • Discuss how you can figure out facts that you do not recall right away. Share your strategies with your partner.
  • Practice the last two piles again and then make a list of the facts you need to practice at home for homework.
  • Circle the facts you know quickly on your Multiplication Facts I Know chart in the Student Activity Book. Remember that if you know one fact, you also know its turn-around fact. Circle both on your chart.