The Deli

  1. Blanca and Lin bought one sandwich at the deli. Blanca ate of the sandwich and Lin ate of it.
    1. Did the girls eat close to a half or close to the whole sandwich?
    2. Model the problem with circle pieces to find out how much of the whole sandwich the two girls ate. Write a number sentence.
    3. Is your answer reasonable? How do you know?
    4. What single color circle piece can you use to solve the problem?
    5. How much of the sandwich was left? Show how you know.
  2. Blanca and Lin's deli sandwich was made with the following ingredients:
  3. pound of turkey
    pound of cheese
    pound of mustard and onions
    pound of bread
    1. Estimate the weight of the sandwich. Choose one.
      1. About pound
      2. Less than 1 pound
      3. More than 1 pound
    2. How much does the deli sandwich weigh?
  4. Lin and Blanca also bought a 1-pound container of potato salad. Blanca ate pound of the salad and Lin ate pound.
    1. How much of the salad did the girls eat?
    2. How much potato salad is left?
    3. Could the girls have bought a -pound container rather than the pound container of potato salad? Explain your thinking.