1. Brandon saved of his babysitting earnings in his piggy bank.
    1. What fraction of his earnings did he have left to spend?
    2. Brandon spent of his earnings on baseball cards. Does he have close to nothing left or close to of his earnings left?
    3. Use circle pieces or rename as tenths to find the exact fraction of Brandon's earnings that are left.
  2. Shannon said, “I spent of my allowance at the book store, of my allowance on a gift, and I saved the rest.”
    1. How much of her allowance did she spend?
    2. How much of her allowance did she save?
  3. Shannon's mother spends of her monthly salary on rent (which includes heat). Groceries for the month and her car payment add up to about of her salary.
    1. Do all these bills account for about of her salary, more than of her salary, or all of her salary (1 whole salary)?
    2. What fraction of her salary is spent after paying for rent, groceries, and her car?
  4. Anna and Grace received the same amount of money as birthday gifts. Each spent her money at the mall.
    1. How much of her gifts did each girl spend?
    2. How much does each girl have left?
    3. Who spent more money?
    4. What is the difference between what each girl spent?
    5. Grace wants to buy a pin for her mother that is worth of her birthday gift. Does she have enough money left to buy it?
    6. Anna decides to give some of her money to Grace to pay for the pin. Do Anna and Grace have enough money? Explain your thinking.