For Questions 3–8, follow the directions in the problem. Then write a number sentence for your figure. The red circle is the unit whole.

  1. Show using yellow and two other colors.
  2. Show using yellow and two other colors. (Hint: Show with three yellows first, then cover the yellow pieces or trade pieces.)
  3. Show using black, aqua, and orange.
  4. Show without using orange.
    1. Show one whole using one color. (Use any color but red.)
    2. Show one whole using a different color.
    3. What can you say about the numerator and denominator of a fraction that is equal to 1?
  5. Show using two colors.

Fractions Greater Than One

Ana and Lin show using one color and write these number sentences:
= + + + +
5 × =

A fraction is called an improper fraction when the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator. and are improper fractions. A fraction is called a proper fraction when the numerator is less than the denominator. is a proper fraction.

Manny shows using red and orange pieces and writes these number sentences:
= 1 +
= 1

Numbers that are made up of a whole number and a fraction are called mixed numbers. 1 is a mixed number.