LESSON 7 Workshop: Fraction Concepts

Carla and Michael are playing Fraction Fill.

  1. What fractions are represented in each circle on the game board?
    1. Circle A
    2. Circle B
    3. Circle C
    1. Michael spins . Write a number sentence to show how he can represent with fraction circle pieces.
    2. Show a different way to represent with circle pieces using two or more different colors. Write a number sentence that matches this representation.
  2. Carla says, “I think = because 4 is one less than 5 and 5 is one less than 6.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  3. The eighths circle looks like this and Michael
    spins . “Now I have eleven eighths.”
    1. Write eleven-eighths as an improper fraction.
    2. Write eleven-eighths as a mixed number.
  4. Which point shows eleven-eighths on the number line?