Complete the function machines. Use any strategy to add or subtract the decimals.

  1. Rule: Add 0.5
  2. Rule: Subtract 0.5
  1. Compare and order the decimals from smallest to largest.
    1. 0.0310.1130.3110.030.30.13
    2. 1.721.071.271.0071.71.2
    3. 0.0050.8.0500.0800.50.008
  2. Natasha weighed each of her pet hamsters. She recorded their weights in the table below.
    1. Which hamster weighs more, Harry or Gus? How much more?
    2. How much do Marshmallow and Fluffy weigh together?
    3. Which hamster weighs closest to 100 grams?
    4. Which hamster weighs more, Lulu or Fluffy? How much more?