Solve the problems. Refer to the table or graph to answer the questions.

The students in Mr. Moreno's class are going to run laps around the school to raise money for their class trip to the nature preserve. For every 10 laps the students complete, the neighborhood sports store will donate $15.00 to the class fund. The students made a graph and table to see how much money they could raise by running laps.

  1. Copy and complete the table.
  2. Students want to explore the Bat and Cave exhibit at the nature preserve. It costs $500. About how many laps would students have to finish to cover the cost?
  3. The first group of students ran 170 laps. About how much money have they raised so far?
  4. What is the ratio for laps to dollars if one student finishes 5 laps?
  5. The students raised enough money for the field trip, but now they want to raise $1500 to contribute to the Save the Gray Bat Fund. How many laps will they need to complete? Use the ratios to help you solve this problem. Show your work.
  6. There are 100 students in 5th grade. How many laps will each student need to complete for the 5th grade to raise $1500? Show your work.