Check-In: Questions 16–20

  1. Jerome forgot to write down all the information on his Sink and Float table. Copy and complete his data table for him.
  2. How did you decide if the item in Question 16B was going to sink or float?
  3. How did you choose the mass for Question 16D?
  4. Ming and Jackie measured the volume and mass for different amounts of water and found the following ratios: 50 g/49 cc, 35 g/34.5 cc, 25 g/25 cc, 6 g/5.8 cc.
    1. Create a graph for Mass vs. Volume of Water using the ratios and draw a best-fit line through (0, 0). Title your graph and label the axes.
    2. Are the ratios equivalent? Write two reasons that support your answer.
  5. A boat in the shape of a box is shown here.
    The mass of the empty boat is 150 g. How much extra mass can the boat hold before it sinks? Show your work.