1. Choose five household objects and find out if they sink or float in water. (Be sure to get permission to put the items in water.) Make a table showing your results.
  2. John found the ratios for mass to volume for three different-sized blocks from his sister's building set.
  3. Small block: 7 g/5 cc
    Medium block: 14 g/10 cc
    Large block: 21 g/15 cc
    1. Which blocks will sink and which blocks will float?
    2. What strategies could you use to find out if the ratios are equivalent?
    3. Do you think the blocks are made out of the same material? Why or why not?
  4. An aluminum foil boat in the shape of a box is shown here. The mass of the empty boat is 10 grams.
    1. How much extra mass can the boat hold before it sinks? Show your work.
    2. How many pennies will it take to sink the boat if a penny's mass is 2.5 grams?
  5. Why do you think a submarine can both sink and float in water?